Monday, May 27, 2013

Aesthetic_fmvdatuin LF12 Raine Mariah Peñalosa

I have three personalities in regards on what I'm using I'm more reserved on Facebook I rarely post something, not unless if it is really important. In twitter I'm more talkative I always blog on what I'm doing even unnecessary stuff it is annoying on some point but other people would get use to it. In Instagram I only used it a couple of times I only use it when I feel like posting pictures. I choose my picture( my picture on Facebook and Instagram) is because I just feel like it. That picture was taken an hour before our photo shoot  on our J.S prom when we have our photo shoot or any event and sometimes we feel like we look really good well let's just say I'm having that moment when I took that picture. I choose my cover photo on Facebook the one where I am with my former classmates because being in a new environment makes me miss the former environment that I am used to before, so whenever I look at my profile I would look at it and reminisce on all the memories I had with them. I choose my cover photo on twitter because I'm a big YouTube fan I always watch YouTube especially when it involves reaction gamer videos or random funny videos the picture there(on my twitter cover picture) is the animated version of Pewdiepie and Cry (all gamers)  In my real life I tend to become more reserved I only talk when someone approaches me and that's it. 

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  1. imba ko sa class picture wahahaaha :)) I love this btw :)))))