Saturday, December 11, 2010


Twilight saga Book cover

    Well..... All I can say is the book twilight is heck better than the movie you know why...? because for starters it's so not what I really expected it's so...... not in my expectations( sorry! I don't really know the other definiton of " BITIN" so if you know just comment it :) ) well the story is like this Isabella Marie Swan or Bella went to forks to stay with Charlie Swan at first she doesn't really want to go there and her mother doesn't either but she insists then she met Edward Anthony Masen Cullen or Edward at first he is really confuse because he can't really read her mind then they talk she figure out what he really is then Edward invited Bella to  watch them play the baseball game then the most intrigue thing happened there are three nomadic vampires(james,victoria, and laurent) went to their place to play ball but of course they didn't accept then a wind blow Bella's hair then James smelled it of course Edward and the other Cullens (Jasper,Alice,Emmett,Rosalie,Esme, and Carlislie) that only brought James more excitement because he is a tracker then the search. began James trick Bella in going to the ballet studio because her mom Renee is said to be there but the truth is she's not really there then James hurt Bella then if course Cullen's to the rescue after that Bella insists that she wants to be a vampire but Edward denied her request then the ending is when they are in prom.....

Twilight for me is the most worthy thing to read I don't even know why  I said that but Bella always feels giddy when Edwards there It's first love so you can really feel the love! I really love it! 

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